To Be or Not To Be…. what a great question

I have a few new opportunities for 2014 and I can’t decide whether to go with my gut and jump head first into the water and take these opportunities by the horns and just do it, or if maybe I’m just not ready yet. I feel ready. I feel like I could do this and I could do it big.

But what if I fail?

I have had enough disappointment in 2013 for another let down. I don’t want to be the one to regret not taking a chance. I don’t want to shy away from this and then think “Well what if?”

I’ve modeled for years now. Some think I have potential for the magazines, for the big time, for the novel covers.. etc. DO I have it in MYSELF to do this?

A friend just told me of his first leap of faith…. Sorry to use your words Mark but I hope you don’t mind…

And maybe people would hate it and I wouldn’t be worthy.  but I took the leap



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