Verduin’s Lair

A great great read.

Musings of a Soul Eclectic

“Gather close to me while I tell,
of the day when Verduin fell.
Long ago he swam and played in the salty seas,
and soared high over mountains, valleys, and trees.
Then his restless forays did cease,
and he slept in sweet peace.
Now men come, his wealth to rob,
they are formed in an unruly mob.
Up to Verduin they sneak and creep,
his treasure will not be gotten cheap.
The dragon lies fast asleep,
buried in the earth deep.
The fickering torch light,
reveals quite a sight.
His brilliant scales gleam blood red,
his foes tremble in fear and dread.
The massive monster is very old,
his skin is clammy and cold.
Of him the minstrels often do sing,
recalling the times when he was a wing.
He dreams in the stillness of his mind,
his great eyes are closed and blind.
When the dragon they did find,

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