On the Eve of Christmas

On the Eve of Christmas

As I looked all around

I saw plenty of smiles

and one tiny frown

On my former self’s face

as I looked in the mirror

and realized this day

may end in a quiver.

I glanced out the door

and saw to my surprise

that the girl glancing back

was just about my size.

Same hair, same shoes

same jacket to boot.

Same lipstick, same chin

I guess she looked cute.

But the frown on her face

was so gloomy and down,

yet still she looked pretty

despite her harsh frown.

As I glanced at this girl

I noticed a tear

creeping slowly down her cheek

with the pretense of fear.

And I thought to myself

what does this girl have to fear

while the rest of this house

is filled with holiday cheer?

Could life for her

be taking its toll,

could it begin to be too much

leaving her heart dark like coal?

Maybe shes unhappy

or maybe she’s sad

Maybe her smile

isn’t so glad.

So I looked in her eyes

and startled in fright!

I saw myself looking back

in the bright morning light!

And I shrieked silently

as my lips started to quiver

and all down my face

poured a deep dark cold river.

The tears flew one by one

down my cheeks to the floor

my feelings unearthed

and I let them just pour.

You see it is true

that this girl I stare at is me

and maybe just maybe I’m not

as happy as can be

and maybe just maybe

I have put on this facade

to bring joy to the world

while my heart sits in spades.

Now the girl in the mirror

is looking back and smiling at me

extending her hand

with a face full of glee.

“You’re stronger than you know,”

she begins to say

“Don’t let you’re heart falter

and ruin this day.

As a matter of fact

don’t let a man tear you down

don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing you frown.

Hold your head, hold it high

feel the strength in your veins

One day this will end

there will be no more pain.

You will be happy and free

to do as you please

and soon you will see

you just need to believe.

You’re beautiful and kind

so sweet and so true.

Let your inner beauty shine

it’s the best part of you.”

As I heard all her words

spoken straight to my soul

I knew I could do it,

I just had to set a new goal.

So I walked out the door

to the sweet Christmas air

filled with wonder and pride

for what I was to dare.

I am ready to move on

I am ready to flee

I’ll remember this Christmas

The Christmas Eve I met me.




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