You Can Always Use A Friend

I have friends that I love to death. We have Margs every other weekend (because I’m off and Jackie doesn’t always come because MA is kinda far and shes a busy woman), we laugh together, we get drunk, we play stupid games, we talk, we get deep, we have a great friendship. But no matter how close I feel we are it just isn’t what I’m looking for. I would never choose to lose what we have. That’s not what I’m saying. I just can’t fully connect with them. I am a passionate person. I enjoy sex. I have fantasies about having an affair with an older man (lol… no I am not kidding). These things seem to make them uncomfortable. We are all human. We all have needs.

Lately, I have a hunger for something deeper. I need a friendship where nothing is held back. Sometimes I wish I could meet some of the bloggers I follow or the ones that follow me because through this common passion of expressing ourselves. I have discovered such a connection with so many of you I often wonder why we have never actually met. Why can’t we meet for coffee or tequila? Idk about you but that idea appeals to me.

Fellow writers Lets meet! Let’s connect! Let’s have nothing held between us but the keyboard! (Yeah Im getting cornier by the minute)

you can email me at

I really truly hope to hear from you and build a greater connection. Life is about meeting people you never in a million years thought you would meet, sharing once in a lifetime experiences, and growing together. =)


Also I know some people are shy about making the first move. Feel free to leave your email in the comments and I am up to the challenge.



  1. It seems strange on the surface to think that connections could be built through blogging and comments, but it does happen. I find I’m more open in my writing than in my face-to-face conversations. Maybe it’s because there isn’t that pressure of someone looking right at you or fearing that they might judge you. Hope you find the ‘more’ you’re searching for 🙂

    • Idk. I just want someone I can be 100% open with. I miss the age of pen pals! And I am still looking for it. No one unfortunately has emailed or left an email for me to converse with. But I am still hoping to make new friends! =)

  2. I have three friends that are what you describe. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. The ability to talk with them about anything and everything is what I believe defines a real friendship. I was reminded of this last week. I have been struggling. I decided that I was not going to continue to weigh down these friends with my struggles. On Friday, I shared the latest chapter in these struggles with one of these friends. Her response was exactly what I needed to hear and was a reminder of why they are my true friends. I was an idiot to think I was somehow protecting them or me from my struggles.

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