Happy Christina Day: Bring your own toy ;)

Today is a day to celebrate me

and wouldn’t you know

the husbands have gathered

to put on a show.

All the wives are aligned

sitting back in the sun

basking in its morning glow

silently having such fun.

Now its time for massages

all delivered with care

and manly strong fingers

that seek to dare.

The oil is scented

with lavender and thyme

as the wives all enjoy

what soon will be mine.

The men made a feast

for the women to share

filled with roasted pigs, chicken

and sauteed veggies to spare.

Everyone is getting ready

gathering in the arena

as I step on the balcony I hear

“Wow Do you see her?”

I’m covered in gold

honey drips from my tits

and I dance to the music

and swing my slender hips.

They’ve all come for the show

where the men treat me fine

all lined up to suckle

and drink up the wine.

Now the women!

They are cheering!

As I start to climax!

My orgasm is reaching!

I need only to relax.

So I take a deep breath

clench my muscles and cum

and watch all these fine husbands

fight to taste me one by one.

Now all the wives are sated

sharing in my ecstasy,

and the husbands are happyand sated as can be.

Now the day is at an end

and the sex is all done

at least for the moment

everyone has come undone.

Happy Christina Day they cheer!







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