My Christmas Present to My Mommy

My mommy,

she took care of me,

all throughout my life.

And I know I didn’t deserve it,

I put up such a fight.

I called her names,

I stressed her out,

I ran away a time or two.

My mommy stood by me,

through it all,

even when I didn’t want her to.

I regret the years that have past,

where I knew no mommy at all.

I hate the time I let fly by,

without a text or a call.

If I could change the past I would,

I’d go back in just a second.

But since I can’t,

all I can do,

Is give her this Christmas present.

I’m sorry mommy,

for all the years,

I made you mad and gave you tears.

I’m sorry for all

the choices I made,

stupid mistakes that never fade.

I miss you mommy,

I miss you so,

and if you let me

I just want you to know,

That now that I’m wiser

I appreciate it all.

I love you so much,

and I hope that this year,

we can mend all the broken spots,

and dry all the tears.

I’ve made mistakes,

but I hope to show you,

how much I truly do care.

And how much I love you

and am grateful to God

that throughout it all you were there.


My Christmas poem to my Mom… will be giving it to her on Christmas morning. Hope its a good idea. =)

Happy holidays.



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