A blessing from the underworld.

“I give you a day at the most,” the radio cackled back to Tanzia as she continued to try to free herself from the crushing boulder. It was cold, the sun almost set.

“Get yourself out of there sunshine. We won’t make it to you for at least another 36. We’re going as fast as we can but the snow is harder to trek than we thought. That avalanche was no joke. If we didn’t have the chopper it would take us days.”

She cut him off. “I know Jack. I got it ok. Just get here as soon as you can and I’ll try and wriggle my fat ass out from under this fucking rock.” She tried to mask the pain but her voice was already losing its ability to lie for her.

How the hell am I going to get out of here.

Twisting and pulling her body had done her more harm than good. Her blood was beginning to saturate the white snow around her hips. The tear at the thigh of her jeans beginning to frost bite. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold on without passing out.

After six hours of no luck, Tanzia decided to allow herself some time to rest. She took a sip of her water bottle. Luckily her pack didn’t fall too far from her when she jumped from the cliff at the start of the avalanche.

Night was upon her. Holding on to her last hope she closed her eyes to nap.

Suddenly, the weight bearing down on her lower body was gone. She didn’t open her eyes.

“Lucien! Drag her out now! I can;t hold this rock forever.”

Suddenly someone was carrying her. He smelt of lavender and felt like silk.

“Lucien. How bad is it?” A woman asked from somewhere. Tanzia still refused to open her eyes.

“She will here Anya My love. She needs some time. Maddox, drop the rock and get her to our home. She may be the only reason to cure him.”

Luckily, the keeper of death Lucien was in a good mood. Her last 24 was extended. For how long, we will see.



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