A Christmas Surprise

Baby It’s Christmas!

I’ve put up the tree,

the mistletoe, the reindeer foe,

the lights for you to see!


I’ve hung up all the garland,

I’ve put the wreath upon the door,

And if you’ll lend a helping hand

UP! The star will go!


I’m baking you a dessert feast,

of cookies, candies, and sweet treats.

Won’t you come give it a taste?

Oh! The look upon your face.


The mistletoe is hanging,

Wait right here for your surprise.

Christmas comes just once a year,

This you must realize.


My stockings are sheer,

my skirt makes it clear,

that in the bedroom your present waits.


It’s me wrapped up in silken bows,

don’t start blushing now.

I’ve waited the whole month to give you

my heart, my love, my vow.


So come to me my darling,

touch me here, touch me there.

Spread your love upon my body,

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, my dear.






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