Speakeasy Again

The bowl lay overturned on the floor, a rough crack running down one side. Shit. Lynn knew without a doubt that she had failed. Of course that was the story of her life. Constant failures, major and minor misgivings. A shit show to say the least. With her last breaths she had failed once again except this time the only one who’s life mattered was hers. Her wound lay open to the air, spilling blood throughout the carpet.

She probably should have hid the pills. As it was there were only three left. Three pills to life.

Now there were none. Antonio probably found them and ran. She would never find him though. As it was she may only have a few more minutes left to breath.

Not today.

The balcony windows blasted in with a gust of wind so fierce they crashed and flew right through the air nearly ending the last few minutes of Lynn’s life early. In with the wind came a Herculean man. More than six feet tall shoulders broad and bare, he dashed to her side. She couldn’t mumble a word, his beauty silencing her. A God, he must have been.

“You will not die on me. Not today, my Queen.” He scooped her up as if she were but a feather. To the window he ran with her in his arms. His skin glistened gold, his eyes ocean blue. Lynn couldn’t help but stare.

“Open your mouth,” his velvet voice commanded her. Without her willing it, her mouth opened and in he dropped a pearl. She swallowed, for she couldn’t help it.

The wound, once mortal, now glowed gold and bright. Her skin, became warm and silk. This mysterious hero had something better than her missing life pills. He had immortality.

Away he took her on a cloud. Never again would Lynn fear the loss of her self.


To be continued…. maybe.






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