perfect morning

Great read.


The silence of the morning is perfect

Everyone is sleeping, except for me

The furnace isn’t even running

I make myself a cup of coffee

Sit down on the sofa

And I think about how different

This morning is compared to others

Years when the kids were young

And woke up bouncing with energy

Demanding breakfast and activity

Eager to gogogogogo by 6 AM

Itching with the confinement

Brought on by extended rest

That young boys seem to suffer with

Those years passed so quickly

Even as every day took forever to get through

You can not explain that kind of tired

Every parent experiences it at some point

Mentally tired, physically tired, soul tired

As they grow from toddlers to teens

You trade early mornings for late nights

One set of fears for another

And then you sit alone on the sofa

When everyone else is sleeping

And you…

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