Now you see me… Now you dont

Now you see me… Now you don’t.

Story of my life.

I was born into a world where power came in all different shapes and sizes. Mine? The ability to appear and disappear. Yeah, that sounds cool except for the face that I can’t control when it happens. What’s even scarier is that when I disappear it can take time for me to reappear.

Let’s go back 500 years to my wedding. I was a mere 16 and poof! Right in the middle of the aisle I was gone. Well, technically i was still there but to my soon to be husband I was gone. Vanished. It took a month before anyone was able to see me again and let me just tell you now that my soon to be husband had moved on.

Anyway, I’ve been invisible for two years now. Two years of loneliness. Why you may ask? That was the card I was dealt I suppose.

Now I walk around like a mere breeze, silently whispering through the trees. I’m a ghost it seems.


Really, why is this handsome man shouting. More torture to fill my days?

“Hey. How are you?” he asks me. Looking around it must be me he’s asking.

“I’m ok,” I stutter, “And you?”

“I’m great. Would you mind telling me how to get to the local farmers market?”

I can’t believe he can see me. “Sure,” I say. “As a matter of fact I was heading there myself.”

“Great. Do you mind if an ugly bloke such as myself accompanies you?”

“I don’t mind at all,” I say.



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