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Something to think about for the new year

It's the end of 2013 and oh what a year it has been. I accomplished nothing that I said I would and have only added to what seems like my endless debt. Though I was almost convinced the struggles of my marriage were over I recently got smacked in the face with truth and realized… Continue reading Something to think about for the new year


Made me think

I amaze myself with my intelligence…. sometimes 😉
I wrote this in March.

Passionately Me

I wrote this comment on a blog today and it really made me look into myself. This whole time I’ve been thinking the world needs to change. I think I was wrong

No matter how many signs are there you will choose to overlook them. Because what you want and what you know to be true are two complete opposites. It’s completely normal for you to accept a lie to the face even though you know it to be false than look deeper. And then one day it hits you. Like a car crash. You know that all those signs and all those gut feelings.. You know they’re real.. You see them.. You begin to understand them.. But you still don’t take action. Because deep down you hope for change. Over and over you accept the lies. You need to build yourself up. Because this whole time the one ending…

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I Love You So… I Love You Still… I Miss You So… I Miss You Still

I’ve been thinking about my dog a lot today… and still wonder why I find his hair everywhere even though I am in a brand new apartment and he’s been gone for two years now =(

love my pup

Passionately Me

A year has past since you’ve been gone
But truly you’re so near
Cause in my heart is where you’ll stay
Tyson, Never fear.
I still hear your footsteps in the hall
and sometimes late at night
I feel you near me like a call
A call into my heart.
I love you so
I love you still
I miss you so
I miss you still.
Never will I ever forget your scent, your feel, or even your bark. Tyson… my puppy… my love… my best friend. 

Rest in peace my dearest friend. ♥

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Time Travel with Nicki: Ep.1 “The Fistfight”

OMFG I am in the middle of the ICU (i work here) and I am laughing my ass off.. i think i may have peed a little…. great great great story!Add your thoughts here… (optional)

The Nicki Daniels Interview

Becky Braun wanted to beat me up because she was jealous of my new perm. It was 1986, I was in the fifth grade, and the permanent wave was EVERYWHERE. Everyone from my parents to my MTV idols were rocking crowns of massively poufed and hairsprayed curls. In retrospect, it is hard to believe that people were paying good money to look like electrocuted poodles, but at the time, I wanted one. Desperately.

My mom was a hairdresser who worked out of a tiny salon in our basement. On lazy afternoons, our little Cape Cod house would slowly fill with the wafting fumes of chemicals and cigarette smoke as she coiffed the manes of friends and neighbors. After months of begging, it was my turn in the chair. I watched as she tightly wrapped my baby-fine hair in the brightly colored plastic rollers and applied the stinky solution. After what seemed like 7 hours, she rinsed me…

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