God Will Make A Way

Very recently I let go of all my misgivings, all my hurts, and all my lost faith. I found God. And the Lord took me in his arms and held me tight. And I felt it deep in my chest. I felt it to my soul. I had reached my dead end and he was there for me. When I thought all these years he never heard my call. He came at the perfect time. I am so blessed to have found him. And now I will never let him go!

stuck at a dead endThey had their hopes set for the Promised Land.

Waking up every morning to take one step after another to reach that place they had only dreamt about.

The place of freedom and a fresh new beginning.

The place where they would raise their children in safety and in love.

And yet there they were, standing in front of the Red Sea.

At a total dead end.

Their hope vanished.

Their fear mounted.

And they wondered if they made a mistake in following Christ.

If Moses misheard God’s calling on his life.

If all their walking and faith was in vain.

If what God promised them was too good to be true.

Because they were stuck with absolutely no way to get across.

But what they didn’t know was that the greatest “dead end” in history was not a dead end at all.

It was just one of God’s greatest…

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  1. If you do not believe this then don’t write a post and call it “God will make a way”. That’s contradicting Him.

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