Silver Linings…

There must be a silver lining in my story. A negative experience that I’m grateful for. Something not so great that in the end turned out to be a blessing. But I can’t think of it. What can I say? Negativity is something I choose not to dwell on. I’d rather sip my margarita in the sun with my shades on and the ocean soothing me to sleep. However, that is just a mere dream.

Life takes us places that we never dreamed we’d be. I never thought I would be destined to live my life with diabetes. I never thought I’d let a man abuse me. I never imagined being a victim like those on Law and Order. Being stalked wasn’t something I imagined for my life. Not going to college and pursuing my dreams… yeah that wasn’t in the plan but somehow all that wound up on my path.

I’ve walked tons of paths throughout my twenty something years, each with its own ending. Not all have made me proud but to think I am still here… still standing… still blessed.

I guess I’m a strong person. I don’t take shit is another way you could put it. That’s face value only. Inside, I’m still struggling with all that I’ve been through and even though I’ve moved past most of the downers thrown at me, I still cry a little. I still weep. Sometimes just the littlest things can set me off in to a depression cycle.

So what do I have to be thankful for?

I’ve learned the ability to move on, which for some is just a far fetched dream. I’ve grasped onto my God. I’ve fought to make it through another day. I have survived. With everything that has come my way I have come out another exit stronger, smarter, happier. It may have taken me time, maybe even years, to feel the strong sense of peace I have found… but still I found it.

So i guess you could say that even through all the negatives I have encountered I have still found a way to accept them, learn from them, and move past them. And that, my friend, is something to be thankful for. ❤



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