Pathetic… the love I have for my iPhone.

I sold it. It’s gone. And now I’m regretting it. You see, I don’t miss my facebook app, or twitter. I don’t even miss my games I used to play to pass the time here at work. I miss my wordpress app. =(  Pathetic I know. I’m a sporadic blogger. I find inspiration from everything and anything and when the urge to write overtakes me I…MUST…WRITE!

But now I can’t just write anymore and its making me miserable. Yea I guess I could go buy a notebook and write in that but I’m a wordpress kind of person and this is what I have done forever and now I can’t and I feel like reversing time to the moment I told my husband he could sell it. -__-


Ugh iPhone how I miss u =(



  1. Everyone loves their iPhone! I tend to use the Notes app to note it down then write it up when I get to a computer. Then again I write in my lunchbreaks and publish at the end of the week. I’m sure if I had an iPhone I’d be wordpressing all day! 🙂 It might be my slow phone, but the Android app just doesn’t do it for me, and it loses my comments on other people’s blogs 😦

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