27 Nights

AH! loved it… the ending was so unexpected!

What Happens to Us

The 1st night, I asked Kendra when she had first been attracted to me.  About three seconds after I saw you, she said as she ran her fingernails through my chest hair.

The 2nd night, we were walking around the mall.  Holding hands was our new thrill.  I was holding hands with a therapist.  I was holding hands with a leggy brunette.  I told her about Kim Philby, the MI5 agent who had betrayed all of England by passing all their secrets for over 20 years to the Soviets.  She told me about Alice Miller, who had developed a theory about the gifted codependent child.  We were giddy but tired from having slept only three hours.

The 3rd night, Kendra sat down and calculated that we had been together for 56 hours straight.  It was like being drunk without drinking.

My life is going to hell, she…

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