Just in Time for Something Spooky, A short Story

I have to get out of here.

Running through the halls of the long ago forgotten building Anna May feared she may never set eyes upon her beloved again. I have to find him. She raced down the corridor, sweat pouring from her temples dropping in tiny spurts onto the linoleum floor. Time was of the essence and that she did not have. If only her legs were longer, her will to live stronger, maybe then they could both survive this night. Her virtues were many but none great enough to escape the wrath of the demon. Wrath was his name and wrath was what he would bring to her this night if she could not escape. She had to find him. If she found him with her last breath so be it.

She raced down hall after hall passing door after door after door. Her heart a beat of its own rhythm, her breathing labored and heavy. Sweat stains were evident on her white sweater as was the blood. She couldn’t escape round one with the demon unscathed. Now he had the scent and taste of her blood and there was no way to hide so she ran.

Finally she stopped in her tracks. She knew the room was upon her, as was the demon. Should she give herself to him to appease his sudden thirst for her? Or should she fight and possibly allow them both to die. I’ll never get out of this alive. Ever so slowly she approached the wooden door, its hinges a dark rust of color. The smell of death was prominent, the smell of her fear ebbing away. Strength came to her from where she could not know. She felt it though. Felt it deep within her bones.

Slowly she grabbed the rusted knob and turned. The door opened. Standing in the middle of the room was Wrath his bare muscled chest drenched with sweat. The chains on his wrists drenched in blood.

“Come to me Angel. Go against me, we both will die. The decision is yours ma petite. Decide.” The voice of Wrath sent chills down her spine and desire to her belly. For years she fought her destiny, to be tied to a demon for eternity. It was written way before she was born.

A time will come
unto this world,
where Wrath will weep for Peace.
And they shall meet
two souls complete
and join in blissful harmony.
Though if one decides
not to fulfil
his or her true destiny,
their lives will be no more.
And true turmoil will wreck the skies
and Earth will shake and roar.

“To fulfill our destiny, my dearest Wrath, fills me with a fear I’ve never known. For if I can’t grow to love a man how will I ever come to love a demon,” She asked, her voice a mere whisper. She felt the invisible strings of their bond pulling her closer to him. Her feet could not stay still. Step by step she moved to her true mate.

Wrath looked at her with a lust in his eyes that made Anna May’s heart trip. Looking deeper she saw the despair he lived with, the hate. The emptiness floating around until she couldn’t bare to see it anymore. The walls suddenly vanished along with the debacles on his wrists. It was just the two, Peace and Wrath, Angel and Demon.

To be continued….


© Christina Laureano 2013


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