Salem’s Call (Part 2)

The 43rd Floor

2012-10-29 13.42.07This is a continuation of the story begun in Salem’s Call

What a strange town this was. As Halloween grew closer, each day brought a new influx of visitors to enjoy Salem’s unique atmosphere. Some came dressed as zombies, some as witches, admiring the jack o’lantern displays in the market, sipping refreshments at tables outside the Ice Screamery or browsing in the Harry Potter witchcraft emporium. She, of course, had travelled here all the way from England for a much more serious purpose – to trace the family tree back through her great grandfather. He had been born here, before coming to England and dying tragically in the First World War.

Today she was visiting Salem’s Record Office for Births, Marriages and Deaths. It was a dark place, with row after row of shelves filled with old, dusty ledgers and box files, housed in a gothic building in one of…

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