Drive my heart into the night… You can drop the keys off in the morning

I am a fairly creative person. bullshit. I’m amazing. Ehem. Anyway. There is so much I want to do and I feel like I will never get it done. I feel like it’s either too expensive or there just aren’t enough hours in the day I could wake up earlier but where is the fun in that. HELLOOOOO BEAUTY SLEEP!

let me see…

I wanna play guitar
Or at least leArn. can I do that off YouTube?
Ok time to invest in a guitar.

I want to travel to a different country.
Eventually this will happen. For now. I dream. 🙂

I wanna go to a giants game.
I get it. They suck this season. But unlike all you people out there who’s favorite team is based on their standings I am a true loyal diehard giant fan and I will support them regardless. kiss it.

I need to see Miley!
I must get tickets to a Miley Cyrus concert and be up close so I can die happy because I love her regardless what everyone else in the world says. She’s awesome and I love how she is trying to expand and see what genre works for her. go Miley. Wit ya bad self

I want to perform in front of a crowd
So I love to dance. and I’m good at it. I miss performing in shows. Will aim to make this happen. invest in dance classes. Got it. Ok

I want to finish this novel
I’ve been on an off writing a few different novels and I’d like to finish one at least.
get info on self publishing. Check.

We all have dreams. Mine expand way past what I’ve written so far.

what are some of your dreams or wants?


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