A Few short Ways to TURN ME ON! A little writing for the cold hearted.

A little humor and maybe some truth. Been having a block on my writing skills lately and this brought a laugh to me so here we go.



Two words. Nipple stimulation.
I am a big fan of my big boobs and the best way to hit my spot is to start there. My husband has gotten incredibly good at this the past five years. (Very much appreciated.) Rub them, suck on them, twist them, pinch them. The possibilities are endless.

Grab ’em.
Can’t get past the boobs until we also mention squeezing and gently massaging them. That’s a good way to start also.

A little suckle here… a little nibble there…
I don’t know about you ladies but I love love love a little nibble on the neck piece. (That’s what my husband calls it lol.) Not enough suckage to leave a hickey but a nibble here, a little suck, you get the idea.

Is that a flashlight in your pants or are you excited to see me?
Ok. This may be a bit harsh but don’t come at me soft. If you want to get down to business come to me all big and bad and hard and yeah that’s enough for now.

A little action on the big screen.
Or little screen. I like porn occasionally. You wanna watch it let’s watch it. Don’t be afraid to ask. Threesomes, girl on girl. Whats your pleasure?

Who’s got the oil?
A little rub rub on my body with some oil set the mood. Light some candles. Lets get this party started.

Pull down your pants.Some girls don’t like to go down on their partner. I AM NOT THAT GIRL. GIVE IT TO ME BABY.

Note to self: Thinking about getting turned on while sitting at a desk at work will in fact get you turned on. Change into your extra set of panties and change the subject.

I hope you all got a laugh and maybe a little titillation from this ๐Ÿ˜‰



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