I love rock and rollllll….

But i think my juke box is broken.. I need new music to jam to during my work outs… while Im cooking… when im sitting here staring into the abyss… when im driving and blah blah blah! Any suggestions would be very very much appreciated. I like everything and anything so please dont be shy.



I need music before I lose my mind!

Something with some good lyrics I can later use as titles to some posts perhaps.





  1. I love music myself. I listen to it every chance I get. My choice of music though depends on a few things for example: working out – fast pace and loud, mad or angry – classical (to calm me down), relaxing with friends – classic rock, but I like all other types as well. If you are looking for a music selection or input try a little rock-a-billy or some good old soul music. I find it gets my blood pumping just enough to keep me going but not over doing it. I’ll do a search on you tube for one thing and find others that I like as well. Hope this helps.

  2. Here is a sample of my playlist I have for work: Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone, Tom Petty – Cabin Down Below, Theory of a Deadman – Bad Girlfriend, Primus – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver, Lynard Skynard – Sweet Home Alabama, Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love, Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows and anything from Led Zeppelin. The list goes on and on, about 15 hours worth. I would love to send my entire playlist but I don’t think there is enough room.

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