Babysitter anyone?

My daughter has been in the terrible twos stage since she turned 18 months old. Maybe even before. So when trying to find a babysitter I usually only leave her with my parents or my sister. I have left her with my best friend once and everything was fine but she loves her and we see her all the time.

In comes mother-in-law. I need overtime at work. Problem is its usually offered on days where I have NO ONE to watch my daughter. For example, tomorrow there is overtime. I want it. No sitter. Do I ask my mother-in-law who I just made semi amends with and she has only seen the baby maybe three times in the past year? Not only does it make me a little uneasy because I dislike the woman but it makes me feel nervous because I don’t know how my daughter is going to feel about it. It’s not like I can just say “Hey Ariana, this is your other grandma who you haven’t ever been around for too many reasons all of which you are probably too young to understand and she is going to watch you from 615- around 330 today. Is that ok baby?” No I can’t do that. She is way too young to understand. Ugh any mommies out there I really don’t know what to do!!!!


2 thoughts on “Babysitter anyone?

  1. With my kids I found out that when people say the terrible two’s it is not when they are two but it lasts for two years or at least that’s what I told myself. I love my kids to death but I thank God that they are older and I don’t have to deal with that. I would trust your gut instinct on situations like that until you feel better about leaving your child with your mother-in-law or at least they have had more time together to bond a little.

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