I Found the Lord, and He Has Found Me.

Let it be known that I never in my life had a faith or truly turned to a higher power in my times of need. I always believed myself to be more in the spiritual side of things. Greek mythology and Buddhism always played a part in my prayers and I never thought twice about. But now…


I have found the Lord, and He is in me. He is my strength, he holds me up. He keeps me close to his heart. I feel loved and cherished and valued from Him. It’s such an amazing feeling to have finally found my place with the Lord. I have peace for the first time ever in my life. I pray. I pray everyday. I thank him for bestowing me with his presence in my most desperate time of need. He pulled me out of a dark place and continues to shed His light upon me.


If you are ever struggling seek the lord. It was such an overwhelming feeling. I cried and held my chest. It came out of no where but I will forever remember that moment. The moment I felt God come down and join my soul.


I blog often about my struggles and have recently received emails with people asking for advice. I am thrilled to share with you all and answer all and any of your questions. =)




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