Working Mother Syndrome

Maybe I should see this doctor.. take a minute.. stop complaining and just enjoy what I have… which is close to nothing but it is in face something….

Mom At Work

Ever since the summer, something has not been right with me.  I’m dizzy so often that I’m startled when the world sits still.  It’s nearly impossible to rouse myself for the predawn runs I used to leap out of bed for.  A tickle has taken up permanent residence in my throat and my body aches in spots not in any way related to carrying a baby.  Generally speaking, I just don’t feel good, and I haven’t for awhile.

I’m not one to run to the doctor for every little sniffle, and particularly not to complain of a laundry list of lingering, vague symptoms, but my husband wanted reassurance that I hadn’t come down with Fukushima-radiation-sickness travelled all the way across the Pacific, so finally, after weeks of nagging, I made an appointment for a full exam.

My diagnosis:  Working Mother.  My treatment:  Mental Downtime.

I am not making this up. …

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