“If you think you CAN do a thing, or think you CAN’T do a thing, you’re right” -Henry Ford



Excellent point Henry Ford. Bravo. Still doesn’t help me with my current problem….


Can I get a new position with better hours at my job where I am not going to feel unneeded?

Answer: Yes I could…..

However: I can not afford day care and the odds are just against me on that so…




Can I leave my husband and once again be happy?

Answer: Well yes sir, I could…..

However: Financially it is easier for me to be married to this cruel excuse of a man and be miserable than to be a single mother completely on my own (no family to help) and then be forced to pay for day care which in turn we previously discussed how I can NOT afford. So no matter how appealing this idea sounds it is not possible at the moment…






Can I go back to school?

Answer: Of course you could….

However: I owe my last college $1800 dollars which I am amking measly monthly payments of only $100 per month AND I also have over $10,000 in student loans that I am paying back… along with rent and utilities and credit card bills and car crap and gas and baby stuff and misc. purchases. So while it is very likely that I am CAPABLE of going back to school (and I do very well at that) it is UNFORTUNATELY not in the cards for me any time soon.

Lets continue…


Can I travel the world like a vagabond?

Answer: Well quite frankly probably not but I guess anything is possible and I COULD do it…

However: I do have a two year old who can not be traveling the world at her age. She needs stability and traveling the world doesn’t provide that. Also who has the money to travel now a days?



Getting a little depressed here but ok… Like I was saying Mr. Henry Ford… Your quote makes a ton of sense HOWEVER! money is obviously the one thing I lack which makes everything that I very well CAN do unattainable at the present time and foreseeable  future. 


Thank you and have a good day =)




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