“I don’t want to live, To waste another day Underneath the shadow of mistakes I made. Cause I feel like I’m breaking inside. I don’t want to fall and say I lost it all. Cause baby there’s a part of me to hit the wall Leaving pieces of me behind And I feel like I’m breaking inside” – Shinedown

Sorry. Positivity can only last so long in my life.

I just need a break. A moment of peace. A place to collect my thoughts and fulfill my dreams.

I just need a valley where I can think. Where I can sit and achieve anything.

I just want to breath in the salty sea air. Re-energize and re-group.

I just want a day of no misfortunes. A day too good to be true.

I live my life in a shadow. Always chasing away my dreams.

I live for today, not tomorrow. I live despite what it seems.

Maybe I’m just surviving. Maybe that’s the key to it all.

Or maybe I’m missing something.

I want to live happy. I want to be free.

When will the light shine on me?



—- So I got an interview for a day position at my job. YAY go me… But I cancelled. I was thwarted by the fact that daycare is going to cost a whole paycheck a month. Ugh….. sigh.


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