How important is Sex in a relationship.


Ok so the picture above shows how often my husband and I have been intimate. The tiny heart indicates the days we were intimate. three days. Only three days in September. Ok let’s look at this month.


No days. It’s is the 9th. No sex. No love. And I wonder why my marriage is failing. Granted I doubt that is the only reason but it definitely is a major one. Especially since I would like to be intimate all the time and he is apparently not in the mood that much. Or is like to go more than once and he just can’t. I’m getting frustrated. 😡

My question to you is this. How important is sex in your relationship? Or am I crazy to think I am not getting it enough.


8 thoughts on “How important is Sex in a relationship.

      1. You’re very welcome friend.

        I don’t know if this is too personal to ask but, have you and your husband ever thought of going to counseling? I mean, for this particular situation or just anything in general?

        I know that they say when intimacy is lacking in a relationship or marriage, it is obviously more than just not wanting to involve oneself in the act. What do you feel about that, or how are you feeling in general? Not sure if anyone asks you that.

      2. No one asks me anything because I don’t talk about it. Counseling isn’t an option at the moment. Our hours of work are opposite so we just can’t fit it in but I would love to try it.

        Not sure how I’m feeling besides unwanted to be truthful.

      3. Well, this is me definitely asking you how you are, just in the general sense. So, know that someone out there is thinking about you and wanting you to be alright.

        I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way right now. I can just imagine how helpless it must feel. Do you and your husband talk about this particular issue or any other issue you might be having just individually or as a married couple?

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