They Called Me!

Ok. So I looked at todays daily writing challenge and had a hard time figuring out what to write. Stream-of-conciousness grabbed me because not only have I never intentionally done it before (although I realize now I have done it multiple times unintentionally in my past writings) I had never heard of it. So after a half hour of researching this is what I came up with and to be honest I still dont know if I did it right. 

Hello Christina. This is Amanda* from Hunter Hospital*. I just received your application and would love to have you in for an interview….

AHHHHH!!! Oh my god. How did I miss that call? Ok. Breathe let me call them back. Ok it’s ringing. 

Hello Christina. Would you like to come in for an interview this Monday?

Of course. I will see you then.

Oh my goodness. I need this. I need to go shopping there is absolutely nothing in my closet suitable to wear to an interview of this importance. Crap, I have to find day care. Aw you’re so cute baby. What am I going to wear? I have nothing to wear. I need to shower. Has my phone always been this slow? What should I make for lunch today? Ok we have rice and you know maybe I could just go to Macy’s later and find a nice suit or skirt should I wear a skirt to an interview? Oooo what about a dress with a nice jacket. I dont know I need a stylist. Ok theres chicken too. The baby will eat that. Oh my goodness I hope i land this job it could be the beginning of something that is actually important lord knows I do absolutely nothing on my unit now. Except answer the phone whenever it decides to ring. I wonder if they are going to call me for overtime today probably not it’s already 1:00 I wish Jack* was working so that I could get some overtime. I have to call Dave*. This is great. I need to get new shoes for this interview I need a whole new wardrobe if I get this what am I going to wear I guess I can just stop at the mall later. Where is my car, of all the days to need my car I need it now. They better fix whatever is wrong with it I can always ask dad to take me to the store ha yeah right. 


*Names and places have been changed, as this is literally my thought process from this morning after receiving a phone call for an interview at the hospital I currently work at.*




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