In my heart is where you’ll stay until the day I join you.

A soft breeze whips past me.
I know deep down it’s you.
Butterfly kisses, big bear hugs too.
I feel you though it’s you I can’t see.

You’ve never truly left me.
Not that I’d ever let you.
In my heart is where you’ll be
Til the day I join you.

I miss your face.
I miss your smile.
I miss you much and all the while
I know you’ve never left me.

I dream about you all the time.
I think about you ever more.
I wish you were here holding me tight.
Convincing me that everything is alright.

You are my idol,
My inspiration it’s true.
And in my heart is where you stay.
Until the day I join you.
Grandma I love you.

… Ariana looks so much like you sometimes. And I wish more than anything you would have met her. But I know it’s you who keeps her safe everyday watching over her. When she’s old enough to understand I can’t wait to tell her all about you.

Happy birthday grandma. I love you.


My grandmother was an amazing woman. I hope one day I will grow to be half of the awesome person she was.


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