I Found the man of my dreams, in a book.

Hubba hubba come to me mountain man 😉

“I need you, Desari. I was empty without you. And that kind of emptiness eats away at you, consumes you until your soul is dark and ugly and all that matters is sating your hunger. But nothing fills the void. Nothing. Year after year you endure the emptiness until life itself is a curse hardly to be borne. And all the while the darkness, the beast in you whispers, an insidious whisper promising power from the kill, promises that wear away your belief in God, in all the things that are right and true and good. The monster inside you, so black and hungry for life, grows and grows until it has consumed everything you ever were. That is the curse borne by carpathian males, Desari.”
-Julian Savage (Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan)

This is why my expectations are so high. Men like this are hard to come by. I’m not even sure if they exist. But if they do someone let me know where to find them. Every single book I have ever read I’ve fallen head over heels for the main male character. Every. Single. Time.

how pathetic am I.

Well maybe if men these days were more gentlemanly like men in the olden days we women or maybe just me wouldn’t have this problem.




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