“Sometimes we don’t choose the books we read, they choose us.”

It’s crazy how you connect with people over something as small as a blog post when in your day to day life your are struggling to find a friend. Sometimes people are put into your life for a reason and though they may be miles and miles away you can have everything in common and be close in heart and mind. I love connecting with people and I find lately that it’s becoming harder and harder to find genuine people to befriend. But just a few minutes ago my mindset changed on that.

I’ve been praying for a friend and this time He has heard me.

Excited to see where this will go from here.

She gave me the quote in my title and it is completely true to say the least. I have hundreds of books in my kindle and choose them at random. The series I am reading right now has opened up my imagination and inspired me in so many ways. It’s a long series and I’m excited by the latest happenings in this last book.

Sometimes you can’t find the door your looking for until suddenly you find yourself walking down a new hall and realize a door has already been opened for you.



8 thoughts on ““Sometimes we don’t choose the books we read, they choose us.”

    1. ‘These Bruises…..make for better conversation… loses.. the vibe that seperates.. good to let you in again … you’re not alone in how you’ve been… everybody loses.. we all got bruises’~~TrAiN~~~

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