“Sometimes we d…

We were def meant to blog together 🙂

LiFe ThRoUgh LiZAbEtHkElLi's Lenses

“Sometimes we don’t chose the books we read, the chose us”.– Anonymous

So I’m new to this whole blog/writing/tweeting and tending thing…. but Over the past week I have crossed paths with many ‘books that chose me”. 

Everybody loses.. we all got bruises.. quoted by Train… its nice to know there are people out there goiung through the same struggles, stress and everyday chaos life brings. today is a present but its not tied with a bow. So NOW its ACTION time. Less Talk… More Walk… 

Thanks to the ‘books who chose me’– @passionatedreaming, @TracyShawn, @NovaBlogder@cka1981@RomilyBernard  @TracyShawn

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