Making something of myself

I’m tired of giving excuses or blaming anything on anything else for the poor choices I’ve made in life. School right now is not an option unfortunately because 1. I owe money and 2. I can’t afford it. But I’m slowly narrowing down my outrageous career choices to careers I can actually strive to. Not that I’m trying to limit myself at all I’m just trying to be realistic. And I also have decided I want to finally publish myself. So any advice on self publishing is greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve started a novel. I finished the first chapter and I love it so far. We shall see how far I take it. I’m excited to start this new journey of finding myself.



  1. Very inspiring.. that you can juggle school, stress and everday life + write a NOVEL?! You Rock! I Try to live 2013 by a lil mantra- NoMoReExCuSeS!13

    I Keep saying I want to write a book… but saying it and action are not mutually excusilve. Actions Speak louder than words.. so I need to stop talking about what I want to do.. and start doing it!

      • WOW I was just about to say the same thing!!! I feel lost and alone.. People say ‘They understand’. But yet when I need to step back and put myself first. Do what makes ME HAPPY… what is BEST FOR ME… I’m perceieved as a SELFISH SELF absorbed person.

        But if we can’t love ourselves, we cant spread that t anyone. Thats the pure definition of Irresponsible.

        Through my Turbulant 5 yrs of 8 job layoffs… the more fire is fueling my passion. To prove to Myself and all those nay sayers that IM A MAVERICK. And I made it.

        It’s thier self doubt in my ‘dreams’ that motivates me everyday.

        You truly do not know how strong you are until being strong is your only option!!!!

      • I completely get u. But not sure if I agree. Being strong has been my only option for so long. If u read one of my recent blogs I’m not living I’m surviving. I’m just recently realizing wow I’ve been through so much shit and in still here pushing for better. Go me! Lol

  2. Well we can support each others .. elieve in each of our dreams.

    My whole family has lost hope in me. losing job after job. Thats kinda what I want to write about… My 3 and 1/2 yr roller coaster ride…. I’m getting motion sickness and ready to get of this ‘ride’

    • yeah you worded it etter than me!! its a matter of survial now… just gotta find that strength… because without it Id surely not be surving either..

      I get a text msg last nigt from my former boss saying he doesnt need me anymore.. I nearly lost it!!

      • Jobs suck. Especially in the economy. I’m in a job where I’m not really needed or seem to be wanted at. It’s miserable sometimes but I’ve decided to just use the time I’m there to be productive with my life. Hence why I decided to finally finish one of my stories and put it out there.

    • Putting it down on paper may balance out all the negativity in ur life and turn ur daily struggle into a story for others to look at and be like wow. She pulled out of that. Maybe I can pull out of my hard times too. I’m here whenever u want to talk!

      I don’t have a relationship with my parents. So I get how ur whole family gave up. Mine did the same to me. I stopped caring and it’s lifted such a weight from my chest. I can breathe again.

      • ditto that. your preaching to the choir and vice a versa… life is short. I refuse to let others bring me down and laugh at my dreams.. because in the end they are the ones who will be on the recieving end…

      • Exactly! Screw ur former boss. Text me insteAd! 6313391991. Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. and it seems like the place were both in we may need it more than others

  3. yeah… 130k bachelors degree… just to get f*ed and f*ed over and over again by corporate America…. enough is enough… I WANT to be in control of my FUTURE… Not to be held in the hands of another corporate ass who could give a shit less about me

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