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She Does

Five months, one week and three days more.
Five months, one week and three days more would’ve made all the difference in the world.

Although, really, that’s a lie.

Nothing could have made a difference. It was done before we even knew, done while you were still our dream and prayer.

Between days 24-28 of conception the skull forms. Bone that shapes the head and most importantly protects the brain. So much happens in the miracle of your life before I even know you exist.

And then we find out. We stop dreaming of your existence and rather dream of all that your life will entail. If you’ll look like me or your father, if you are boy or girl. How you will completely change our family as we grow from three to four, how scary that is;  but also how perfect it will be as already we feel the…

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Scariest Books That Are Scary

must read through this list… after i find my balls -_-

American Vagabond

scarystories1029291236With Halloween just around the corner, and me out of scary movies to recommend, I turn to the printed page. Scary books can be more frightening than any movie. Your imagination is a powerful weapon for fear. So, as the wind howls past your window on all Hallow’s Eve, why not curl up with one of these books, guaranteed to scare you worse than Tim Curry dressed up like a clown.

*As always, I do not put books, movies, anything on a list that I have not read/see/heard for myself. 

  1. The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty – You’ve seen the movie. It probably gave you nightmares. Well, the book is about one hundred times more frightening. I sat up one night and read it cover to cover. Shiver scale: 10
  2. Ghost Story, Peter Straub– Another well loved scary movie with a far scarier book. The idea of a group of…

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