Short story of the day

She craved it even though it could kill her. It could be the end of her days, yet she wanted it like an alcoholic craves his next drink. A slight touch, a feather-light caress from anyone would do. After spending the last two months locked away in some cold forlorn psych testing facility she was beginning to dread each coming day. She couldn’t remember how she got there or even her own name. They called her one-nine-six yet she refused to answer to them. Her cell had grown darker and darker each day until she knew if she ever had the chance to glimpse the sun again it would kill her.

Plop, Plop, Plop. It was raining. How she knew when she was underground at least four stories she couldn’t figure out. Her eccentric abilities had brought her here. It wasn’t her fault she could hear the thoughts of others, could know when something was going to happen. She was born that way and instead of protecting her her parents ran from her. As soon as she hit the mere age of fifteen they disappeared leaving just a note.

You are a freak.
Do not look for us.

How a mother could leave her only child she would never understand.

Her memories of her life were scattered breaking through whatever block the psycho doctors had put on her. But when she finally managed to remember something needles pierced her brain until she would black out. After a while she stopped trying and just lived through her dreams. They were becoming more vivid each night and she never forgot them. Not one single detail.

As night started to fall she grew desperate for her dream. Her dream of the sexy, silent, lethal stranger who came to her in the night. The one being she could withstand touching… At least in her dreams.

He stared at her knowing she could sense him though he did not emerge as man but a foggy mist. She slowly opened her eyes blinking rapidly to clear her head. He could feel her immense power locked away deep inside. The drugs they had been giving to her were beginning to lose their toxicity. He could smell them coming off her skin. He could heal her he knew but it would take time and more than just his touch. Morning was upon them and he feared if he did not move her soon he would lose his chance. Vladimir paced the room looking for cameras. Quietly freezing the frame with a flick of his wrist he emerged fully man.

One-nine-six blinked once… Twice. She knew he was here but how he appeared out of the thin mist she did not know. As soon as she felt him prove her mind she knew he was the one. The silent stranger from her dreams. But was he here to save her she couldn’t tell. His mind was blocked to her but barely. Afraid to exert too much energy she lightly probed.

Vladimir felt her butterfly touch. She wished to communicate he knew. With a deep breath he let her. As soon as their minds linked time stood still. A slight breeze entered the windowless room pushing one-nine-six towards him. Too shocked to move Vladimir stood like a stone statue. His face a mask one-nine-six couldn’t read. Can it be?

Can what be? One-nine-six stood a foot away completely in a daze and utterly terrified. She knew he heard her.

You need to come with me Ayanna. There is much danger for you here.

One-nine-six forgot to breathe for a moment. “Is that my name? You know my name?” she gasped. Could this stranger know why this had happened to her or how she landed in such a place?

“My name is Vladimir Insontis. I am from the mountains of Romania. But there is little time to explain. You must come with me.”

Ayanna felt the tug of his hand though he had not touched her. She obligingly stepped towards him and took his hand into her own. Immediately electricity sizzled between them. She knew he was her savior. He knew she was his mate.

© Christina Laureano 2013.

I was at work today and began to write. This is what came out and I hope to turn it into a novel. We shall see. :).


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