I have finally found Him… Or maybe He has found me.

I owe a humongous thank you to a fellow blogger on here. It all just hit me about an hour or two ago as we were driving around my small town trying to get my munchkin to sleep. I felt Him. Inside I felt Him holding my heart and my hand and I have got to say it was the most beautiful feeling. I realized in that moment that I’ve spent my whole life looking for God. Searching for him, calling to him, waiting for that moment when I knew He heard me. Tonight out of no where I just knew. I felt his touch and his love and it was a blessing. 


I have finally found Him… Or maybe He has found me.

I couldn’t help but shed tears of joy at this wonderful feeling. I want to surround myself and those I love in it and cherish it forever. It is amazing how much weight I feel has been lifted from my shoulders. I can breathe again. I know life has been hard for me for so long. I’ve gone through too much at such a young age but I know now that He would never bestow upon me something I could not handle. He has given me strength and tonight he gave me the most precious gift. He gave me hope.


Dear Anna, my fellow blogger. I know deep in my heart and soul that you have made an impact. You have brought me to God and Him to me. Through your posts and your comments and replies to mine you have helped me find what I now know I have been searching for this whole time. It feels amazing and I am eternally grateful to you. Wherever you are in this world know that you have changed my life. You have made it possible for me to dream and live again. You brought me to the greatest being and I cannot express how eternally grateful I am to you. So thank you fellow blogger. =)





  1. You are so kind. Thank you! I am so glad that our paths crossed on here and I’m excited to keep on reading about how God is working in your life! I know He will use the pain of your past and everything you are going through now to strengthen you and use you to encourage others going through similar situations. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!

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