{Loving God When It’s Hard}

real love is no fairy taleI wish fairy tales came with labels, warning, disclaimers of some sort before we get swept away by Prince Charmings and Happily Ever After Endings.

One such as “real love is not how it appears on this screen” or “don’t forget that this is just a made up story.

I have nothing against Prince Charming.

Or damsels’ in distress waiting to be rescued by knights in shining armor.

There’s nothing I look forward to more than the movie ending with the bride and groom declaring their endless love to one another and riding off into the sunset together.

Disney movies are great for entertainment.

But they are terrible at portraying what true love really is.

Because real love is so much more than feelings.

It’s so much more than words of affection.

It’s so much more than living out the perfect dream.

Sometimes I wish they…

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