A Journey to Find My Worth


I was looking back on my life today and most of what I saw I didn’t want to see. I couldn’t tell you who my first kiss was or even when it happened. I don’t remember my first date ever. My first boyfriend turned into a nightmare that lasted 3 and a half years too long. The way he took me wasn’t in any way romantic. I lost myself in that relationship and did things I wouldn’t normally do. I never had a sweet 16. I never celebrated graduating from high school. I never finished college. I never celebrated my engagement. I didn’t have a wedding. Nor a honey moon. Im a disappointment to my parents. To myself.

I’m 24. In a marriage that I feel stuck in. A marriage that used to make me happy. A marriage that I never even celebrated. My dad never gave me away. I never got to dance. There was no cake or champagne. No pretty dress.

what am I worth?
Doesn’t seem like much. And this husband of mine doesn’t make me feel like I am worth anything anymore. I could really use a friend who could understand.




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