Where are the dreams in the midst of all these nightmares?

I’m dreaming a dream in which it seems I have the chance to succeed. To be happy and free and yes I believe that this dream is all that I need. But a nightmare disturbs my slumber And I can’t help but wonder If this dream is a dream or a pointless wish.

As soon as my eyes get rid of the sleep
I shake with a chance to awaken. But awake is where I find the nightmare. Day in and day out the dream gets pulled from in between my fingers. I’m clutching on tight to a mist of hope. A thin fog that gets thinner and thinner by day.

I want to climb to the highest mountain and maybe swim across a sea. Fly to places across an ocean, places with sights for the eye to see. I want to jump into distant waters and have a chance to chase my dreams. I want to not be a disappointment. I want to have no regrets. I want to stand up for what I believe in. I want to make something of my self.

Well maybe just maybe this dreaming that I do will one day give me the courage to fight for what is true. And maybe someday all this working and doing what I have to do will make a difference. Will make a change. Will give me the resources I need to turn this nightmare into a dream. Because if its the last thing that I do… I will matter, I will be more. I will stop being a disappointment to you.

-Christina laureano-Maldonado



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