How important is sex in a marriage?

I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately but honestly how important is sex in a relationship? And what I really mean by that is how important is having good sex to your relationship? When I first got together with my husband I was 19 and what else do you have to do when your 19 but have sex. We did it all the time and I’ll never forget how good it was and how great it made me feel afterwords. I loved feeling the planes of his back muscles and the strength in his biceps. But for the past two years it hasn’t been the same. He’s not as toned at all actually. And I swear I am not judging him by his looks but the attraction which was once always always always there is only there on occasion. I fake it all the time and I’m honestly very good at it. It’s not like I have much to judge him by considering he’s the second person I’ve slept with. Maybe I should stop reading the books I’ve been reading. Lisa Marie Rice captures my very soul in her books and then I reach the sex scene and I imagine that I’m the woman in the book. Pathetic huh?

What’s even more sad is that last night I tried to have sex with him and I kept thinking about e book I’ve been reading and trying and trying to make it seem like that but I failed miserably and was just disappointed and empty afterwords.

Am I the only one who’s felt like this? -_-

To be honest I don’t even think I’ve ever had an orgasm…

Ok this post is starting to get depressing…




  1. girl u need to learn how to have an orgasm. It’s not hard at all but takes a little practice with exploring your own body and maybe more information about how a woman’s body works. Just look up “g spot orgasm” online to get more info and go to it!

  2. Straight people marry folk of the opposite sex. Gay people marry people of the same sex. There’s a clue there somewhere. It’s called a sexual relationship for good reason.

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