Sometimes Giving Someone a Second Chance is Like Giving Them Another Bullet Because They Missed You The First Time


Am I crazy to actually be considering giving this marriage a second chance? Well I guess you could say this is way beyond a second chance. Throughout this relationship I must have given him over 100 chances. And I always take him back. But for the sake of our family and for our daughter I am willing to give this marriage another chance… I think. It will all depend on how willing he is to work on his anger, and the way he treats me and our baby. Ugh I wish I could see the future and know for sure if this is the smart decision. Maybe I’ll go to a psychic? Have you ever been? I’m not sure if I believe but I am willing to try anything.

Anyway I took Ariana to the doctor today and it turns out she has Roseola. My poor baby. The doctor says it will go away on it’s own so i’m not worried. Her fevers are gone finally so I’m happy. She is still so small… only in the 5th percentile but she’s growing accordingly. I would love to have another baby but I refuse to get pregnant again until something positive comes from this relationship.

I think a part of me is scared I will never be in a relationship again but then I realize how much bullshit that is. I’m not cocky but every guy I work with literally is drooling over me. I overheard them all talking about how they all wish they could take me out. At least they are respecting my boundaries right. lol.




  1. True, it is like giving them another bullet. I make this mistake all the time. Not just in my marriage, but with friends and also at work. I sleep better giving someone a second, third, fourth chance. People tell me I am soft, a doormat, bleeding heart. This is my way… To give people the benefit of the doubt as much as possible. Many times it has worked out that I actually helped someone. However, with those that continue to take advantage… in the end I always cut the people off who never come around to own their own problems. Meaning, I will give someone 20 chances, but eventually it will occur to me 1)this isn’t about me 2) they have to come to terms with their own crap 3)nobody can help them but themselves…then I cut them out of my life. PERMANENTLY.

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