You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can’t forget. Those are your ‘friends.’

My only friend is myself. Now how lame is that. Well it’s false of course. But what I’m searching for is more than a friend. It’s a great friend. Someone I can talk to everyday all day or sporadically about anything and everything. Someone who makes an effort to be a part of my life. Someone I can see more than once or twice a week. Who comes over just to hang or talk or do absolutely nothing. I used to have that a long time ago but those days are gone and I just feel so alone. Is that pathetic that I am a 24 year old mother who craves companionship and friendship.

I have Amanda. Who I’ve grown up with since I was maybe three years old. But we’re best friends but not that great at it. We see each other maybe twice three times a month. We text a few times a week. And when something good happens or bad even she’s usually the first one I call. But that’s just not enoughg for me anymore and no matter how hard I try to do things with herornhang out or even text more it’s a one sided effort. Pity.

Then there’s my other Amanda who I see about the same. Text a little less. And that’s about it.

Yea like I said. That’s about it.

It’s so hard to make a real friend these days. -_-

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